Before Revelations Recovery was born and way before these two started earning their names and reputations in the treatment industry, co-owners, Derek Quirke and Samantha Decelle, both personally struggled with addiction and alcoholism long before they ever met each other.  After years of failed attempts of finding recovery, numerous detox's, section 35's and seeking out multiple pathways to find recovery, both finally got sober through a 12 Step Fellowship, successfully completing PHP programs, moving on to sober living, transitioning back home and seeking work in the treatment industry where they eventually met and became co-workers.


Both started their careers as Certified Recovery Coaches under the leadership and supervision of the late great Kat Michel for the ARCH Program at Brockton High Point Treatment Center in Brockton Hospital and Good Samaritan Emergency Rooms . When paired up by Kat the dynamic duo worked together successfully and maintained an exceptionally high engagement rate with all their recoveree's both in the Emergency Rooms or while working inpatient. When they weren't at the hospitals responding to overdose calls they worked in MATC and BATC facilitating groups, setting clients up with CSP and making referrals for further treatment whether inpatient, outpatient, halfway house, sober living etc.


While employed at High Point, Derek became the lead Recovery Coach for ARCH and also became the primary oversight for (CSP) Community Support Program at (MATC) Men's Addiction Treatment Center. He also spent a lot of time working for the Plymouth County Outreach Project alongside Detective Leedberg of the Brockton Police Department and performed home visits with recent non-fatal overdose victims as well as within the homeless community trying to connect recoverees to services. Samantha too became a primary oversight for the CSP program within (BATC) Brockton Addiction Treatment Center and the two soon found out they didn't just have a job but they had a career in which was about to take off. 


After their time at the ARCH Program they both went onto work at The HEART Program through Baystate Community Services as Recovery Coaches in Carney Hospital, Quincy Hospital and South Shore Hospital Emergency Rooms responding to all Substance Use Disorder calls before opening up Revelations Recovery. Opening up a house of their own has been a dream come true they've both worked to build behind the scenes in their little free time. Their goal was to bring a unique, first of its kind, recovery home to the state of Massachusetts without re-inventing the wheel and then expand from there. To date they have have opened up a Men's 12 Step Retreat in Scituate, MA where many men were able to find the quality recovery this state lacks. Approximately 9 months after opening their first location they opened a 2nd Men's 12 Step Home in Kingston MA which is called Joseph's House (named after Derek's 10yr old son). Eventually, the couple one day in the near future hopes to open up a women's 12 Step Home in the area. One day at a time.