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We are a brand new Men’s 12 Step Recovery Residence. At Revelations Retreat we are working with people, not profits. Our main focus is to help men overcome addiction & alcoholism and lead them into recovery by treating the mind, body, and spirit. While residing in our sober living environment, individuals will be guided through the 12 Steps and learn the necessary tools to overcome their addiction, become productive members of society and live a fully recovered life. Revelations Recovery ownership and all staff have both lived 12 Step experience and sustained recovery so we know firsthand what it takes to recover as well as maintain our sobriety. Our curriculum was pieced together by our team through our own personal journeys in addiction recovery and what we felt worked best collectively as a whole. We feel we have all the ingredients needed to help our guests live a fully recovered life. Our staff has extensive professional experience working in all combined facets and environments of the treatment industry, which we feel is critical. We have found that the peer to peer model seems to be the most effective model when treating addiction & alcoholism. We are located in the beautiful seaside community of Scituate MA, which we feel will be a key contributor to finding some much needed peace after living in a world of chaos and confusion created by addiction and alcoholism.


● Bedding / Toiletries

● Laundry On Site

● Daily Meditation / Goals Groups

● 12 Step Immersion

● Disease Model of Addiction

● Daily Big Book Groups

● Weekly Discussion Groups Led By Outside Group Facilitators

● Refuge Recovery Groups (2x/mo)

● Resume Building/Job Search Assistance

● Inventory Workshops

● 1-on-1 Goal Setting & Progress Tracking

● Church (optional on Sunday)

● House Outing (once a month)

● In House Haircut (once a month)

● Up to 3 Weekly Urinalysis

● Aftercare Coordination 


Our residents will have a chance to experience and enjoy this beautiful, friendly seaside community. With its

many shops, restaurants and beaches it is a perfect place for shopping, eating, site seeing, boating, fishing, bike riding, hiking or just going for a casual walk and being out in nature enjoying the natural beauty and landscapes Scituate MA has to offer. Easy access to MBTA Commuter Rail and also local bus line called the SLOOP/Scituate Loop. Residents will also have the opportunity to get involved in the Recovery Center located right here on Scituate Harbor. They offer a wide array of services such as volunteer opportunities, peer recovery meetings, acupuncture, meditation, yoga, spiritual meetings and more.