At Revelations Recovery we are working with people, not profits.


While residing here in our sober living environment, residents will be introduced to the disease model of addiction, guided through the 12 Steps and learn the necessary tools of recovery in which to stay sober. Revelations Recovery ownership and all staff have both lived 12 Step experience and sustained recovery so we know first hand what it takes to recover as well as maintain our sobriety.

We focus on treating men who have been diagnosed and struggling with Substance Use Disorder. Our main focus is to teach men the necessary tools needed to overcome addiction & alcoholism and lead them into recovery by treating the mind, body, and spirit. All residents are brought the steps

We are located in the beautiful seaside community of Kingston MA, which we feel will be a key contributor to finding some much needed peace after living in a world of chaos and confusion created by addiction and alcoholism. Easily accessible to public transportation (bus and train), 12 Step meetings, employment opportunities, stores, restaurants, mall, gym and more.

As stated above and in the Big Book, intensive work with other recovering addicts provides fellowship, purpose, and fulfillment. If you are struggling to maintain a lifestyle of sobriety, you may not have experienced a genuine personal and spiritual transformation. Our recovery residence provides you with camaraderie, accountability, and support to help you continue your journey in sobriety and learn what it means to be changed and transformed as you live with other peers in recovery.

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