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It is not only spirituality but also more dramatic spiritual experiences, that can exert real effects on our lives. One such phenomenon is commonly referred to as a “spiritual awakening”, or epiphany, or revelation. More rare than the sort of spirituality that seems to typically develop through recovery, such spiritual experiences have the power to dramatically alter the course of a person’s life and tremendously aid in overcoming addiction.

We are owned and operated by addicts/alcoholics in long term recovery so we know first hand what it means to be on both sides of this deadly disease that once held us all captive. With 83 years of combined sobriety between our team, we have the experience and knowledge to help others live a fully recovered life, free from drugs and alcohol. 

Regardless of whether you’re just starting rehab, you’ve been enrolled in further treatment or currently in a program for several months, you can be sober and still be miserable. If you’re just going through the steps like a robot without experiencing any personal or spiritual change, it’s unlikely to last. Sobriety without a purpose will eventually lose its appeal and you may find yourself right back where you started. This sometimes is repeated over and over. Spiritual transformation fuels sustained sobriety because it gives life a whole new meaning.

As stated above and in the Big Book, intensive work with other recovering addicts provides fellowship, purpose, and fulfillment. If you are struggling to maintain a lifestyle of sobriety, you may not have experienced a genuine personal and spiritual transformation. Our recovery residence provides you with camaraderie, accountability, and support to help you continue your journey in sobriety and learn what it means to be changed and transformed as you live with other peers in recovery.

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